Coco & Co is a registered non-profit company (NPC) Our registration number is 2014/010388/08.

Here at Coco & Co we believe FIV+ cats like 3 year old Coco and FELV+ cats like 1 year old Max and Jaxi deserve to live out their lives. All over the world there are many organisations, doctors and even scientists who feel the same way we do. And there are organisations that successfully rehome FIV+ & FELV+ cats. Here in South Africa we are a bit behind but we at Coco & Co aim to change that.

Until we have the funds to create our dream sanctuary and adoption centre, Coco & Co's mission is to break the stereotypes regarding FIV & FELV in order to save FIV+ & FELV+ cats from being euthanised and to give them a chance at life.


We hope to one day raise funds to create a Coco & Co animal sanctuary and adoption centre. The sanctuary will help stop the killing of innocent FIV positive cats and give them a chance at life. Maybe they will be as lucky as Coco and be adopted but if not they will always have a home at the sanctuary. The sanctuary would have seperate FIV & FELV catteries which would be big fun enclosed indoor and outdoor spaces for the cats to play, sleep etc.

Coco witnessed her brothers and sisters being killed by children and was rescued before they could hurt her. We feel the sanctuary would be an ideal place to bring groups of children to learn kindness and compassion towards animals. Our hope is that these children can then become animal protectors instead of abusers.